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New administration appoints Hurd deputy mayor

In his first meeting, Mayor Josh Cohn, a Democrat, appointed Councilwoman Emily Hurd as the city’s deputy mayor.

Emily Hurd

The appointment was announced on Jan. 10, during the first Rye City Council meeting of 2018.

The newly appointed deputy mayor will succeed former Deputy Mayor Julie Killian, a Republican, who served in that capacity for the previous two years and as a councilwoman for the last six years.

Hurd, a Democrat, was elected to the Rye City Council in 2015 along with Councilwoman Danielle Tagger-Epstein, also a Democrat. In that same election, Councilman Richard Mecca, a Republican, was re-elected to his seat on the City Council. Currently, Mecca is now the only Republican on the council.

According to the city charter, the purpose of the position of deputy mayor is to serve as the mayor in the event of the current mayor’s absence or disability. While filling in for the mayor, the deputy mayor does not have the power to appoint or remove any individuals from office, unless the incumbent mayor is absent or disabled for a period of more than 60 days.

The charter dictates that the mayor, only while in office, can appoint a member of the council as deputy mayor for as long as that councilmember remains on the city council.

Hurd and Cohn could not be reached for comment prior to publication.



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