We need Killian’s help in Albany

To the Editor,

Julie Killian has lived in the city of Rye for more than 20 years and I have known her for most of that time. She served on the Rye City Council for six years and I served alongside her for four of those years.

When you have known someone and worked with them closely for that long, you know the type of person they really are. Do they do what they say they will or do they just talk a good game?

Julie is a doer, always has been and always will be. In my world, that is as high a compliment as I can pay. I admire people who get things done.

And that’s what we need in our government,  more deeds and less talk. There is no doubt in my mind that Julie will get things done in Albany.

Julie is an engineer with an MBA and also the supermom of five great kids. She spent a decade working on Wall Street and then began her public service career in Rye. She has been an excellent member of the City Council and was also a strong deputy mayor. Julie is passionate about saving our teenagers from the modern resurgence of drug abuse and improving our schools, and will fight for those issues in the New York State Senate, if we are smart enough to rise above the partisanship that is currently clouding our elections and elect her.

Please vote for what’s best for our community, not the party line.

I am a Marine and, like that breed of people, I am familiar with guns and own several of them. Julie and I have discussed gun safety issues at length and I know that she believes in common sense gun control, like I do. What that means is: keeping guns out of the wrong hands; universal background checks; raising the age to buy a firearm to 21; and keeping assault weapons in the hands of people—like Marines—facing actual combat situations, and out of the hands of those who are not.

Any claims about Julie being an NRA supporter are just plain lies; don’t be fooled.

Julie is smart, accomplished and passionate, and we would be lucky to have someone like her represent us in Albany. Please vote for my friend Julie Killian on Tuesday, April 24.

If you would like to learn more about her, please visit juliekillian.com or on Facebook and Twitter at Killian4Senate.


Terry McCartney,

Former Rye City councilman



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