Vote for the All Rye ticket

To the Editor,

I am voting for Joe Sack for mayor and the All Rye ticket on Nov. 7. I urge all of your readers to do the same.

Regarding Joe Sack, his contributions to Rye started many years ago. Like many parents, Joe started as coach—coaching baseball and basketball for his daughters’ teams. Wanting to do more, he served on the Rye City zoning board for three years, then was elected twice to the City Council, first in 2007, and then again in 2011. Many people may not know or remember that when Joe was on City Council, times were very turbulent. The city saw several scandals unfold, including the theft and embezzlement at Rye Golf Club and city uniform bidding improprieties—both of which resulted in criminal charges. You only had to read the local papers to know something was very wrong in City Hall.

But when Joe was elected mayor in 2013, all of that changed. Joe and the City Council, including his current running mate Terry McCartney, got the council off the front pages and returned to calmly and professionally attending to the city’s business. Just a few of their many accomplishments: the City Council, under Joe’s leadership, found an experienced and competent city manager and created the important position of commissioner of public safety. In addition, Joe put the city’s interests first when he fought the county’s plans for redevelopment of Playland—even opposing a popular county executive from his own party. Lastly, Joe restored transparency and accountability at all levels of city government.

Being mayor of this city isn’t easy—and it is a volunteer position. But Joe brings more than a decade of service and experience to the job. He has proven he has the tenacity and dedication to move the city of Rye forward. Joe’s opponent has never held elected office or even volunteered for one of Rye’s many commissions or boards. Joe has been moving Rye forward for more than 10 years. Now is not the time to experiment with an inexperienced mayor.


Scott Beechert,




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