Re-elect Mayor Joe Sack

To the Editor,

I am writing to ask fellow Rye voters to re-elect Joe Sack as mayor. I had the honor to serve the city of Rye for two years as a City Council member while Joe was mayor. My “inside” experience working with Joe confirmed to me that he is a good person who cares deeply about Rye. And even when we had disagreements about policy, Joe was willing to work with me and others on the council to solve difficult problems.

As each member of our community decides for whom to vote, consider the following:

  1. Joe helped restore faith in the integrity of Rye City government by moving us past prior city scandals, especially the Rye Golf Club scandal that had cost the city millions of dollars. The Rye Golf Club is currently thriving, in no small part because the current administration cleaned house and decided to pursue and settle litigation to recover almost all of what the city lost in the scandal. This money has both made the city whole and enhanced the club.
  2. Joe has proven that he is willing to do what is best for Rye even if it means bucking his own party. Early on in my service on the council, Rye faced a divisive issue concerning Playland. County Executive Rob Astorino and other county Republicans sought to impose drastic changes to Playland without giving Rye any say. Joe, and his current colleague and running mate, Terry McCartney, recognized that Rye citizens deserved to have a say as to what got built in our backyard and fought for that principle even though it went against what the Republican “Party” wanted. We need courage in our leaders to do exactly that: think about Rye before party.
  3. Joe and the City Council have accomplished a tremendous amount in his four years as mayor. The city continues to be fiscally sound with the highest financial ratings and a clean bill of health from our auditors. Our city staff is beyond reproach and confidence in the integrity of those who run our city has been restored. Our downtown continues to thrive. We have a first class public safety commissioner and our community is one of the safest. In short, under Joe, Rye continues to be one of the most desired communities in which to live, work and raise families.

I am proud to have served with a mayor who is thoughtful, deliberate, honest, smart, courageous and dedicated. Joe Sack has earned our support.


Richard Slack,





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