Walter’s Hot Dogs to enter White Plains

Due to popular demand, Walter’s Hot Dogs is planning to open a second location in the heart of downtown White Plains this fall.

Walter’s Hot Dogs is already well known for its hot dog stand on Palmer Avenue in Mamaroneck. Photo courtesy Walter’s Hot Dogs

After more than 90 years, the fourth-generation family-run business will be opening a storefront restaurant at 186 Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains. Walter’s currently has its famous hot dog stand on Palmer Avenue in Mamaroneck, plus two food trucks that travel the area.

Carl Lee, of White Plains, said that he’s been going to Walter’s since 2003. He explained that the unique way that Walter’s cooks its hotdogs, by splitting them down the middle and grilling them in a special sauce, is why he likes them so much.

He said that he usually goes to their Mamaroneck shop for lunch. “Now that it’s [coming to] White Plains, it’ll only be five or 10 minutes,” Lee said. “It’s great.”

According to Katharine Warrington Woodward, public relations and events manager for Walter’s, they will also be announcing plans for a third location soon.

“The support and encouragement from the city of White Plains to open our business here was a tremendous factor in where to open in Westchester,” Woodward, the great-granddaughter of Walter Warrington, told the Review. Walter’s food truck is also already available at the weekly White Plains farmers market. “After testing the market with our food trucks, we saw that a freestanding location was in demand for the area,” she said.

Walter’s will open its newest venture in downtown White Plains this fall. Photo/Taylor Brown

Charlie Gray, of White Plains, said she was excited to see a Walter’s opening in White Plains because she’s found the lines for their food truck to be too long.

“It’s a very convenient location,” Gray said, “and it fits along with all the rest of the food stops.”

Woodward explained that by opening Walter’s in White Plains, they will be able to reach customers from Rockland County and upper portions of Westchester as well as Fairfield and Putnam counties.

The restaurant will have indoor and outdoor seating that can accommodate approximately 50 people.

As for the menu, Warrington said that customers can expect to see the usual Walter’s menu items as well as a few surprises.

“Because it’ll be a dine-in storefront, customers will be able to see much more of the menu items we currently offer,” Woodward said.

This includes their six flavors of ice cream made in-house and four flavors of home-made Italian ice, funnel cake fries and cinnamon sticks.

“We feel that Walter’s has a special place in many people’s lives,” she said, “and we want to begin to share that with Westchester and beyond.”




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