Arthur Schwartz

Former testing scandal attorney runs for state office

Arthur Schwartz, who served as the attorney to one of the Osborn Elementary School teachers in in the city of Rye during an “improper coaching” scandal in 2013, is running for New York state Assembly, his home district, which includes Tribeca, Soho and parts of Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Schwartz […]

As defined in the 2011 tax cap legislation, the allowable levy growth factor is the key figure in determining what the ceiling is on school budgets. It totals the rate of inflation factor or 2 percent, whichever is less. File photo

Rye school district facing 1% budget cap

Rye City School District administrators and Board of Education members are anxiously awaiting a preliminary budget numbers crunch that will reveal just how big the 2016-2017 gap is between the amount of money the district is allowed to levy in taxes and what it needs to maintain current programs. For […]

Special education teacher Lisa-Marie DiRusso, left, stands with Rye Middle School Principal Dr. Anne Edwards in the STEP classroom. The classroom was formerly used by the home and careers classes. The room has three sinks and a refrigerator and DiRusso hopes to create a living room area as well so that students can practice social and life skills in a realistic setting. Photo courtesy Sarah Derman

New STEP program will teach life skills

This week, the Rye City School District is rolling out a new program called Student Transitional Education Program that will provide disabled students in middle and high school with a life skills curriculum. STEP, a pilot program, will take over room 208, which was previously used for the now-defunct home […]

From left, Jameson Ibrahim, Remy Hess, Charlotte Keenan, Ruriko Kuhara and Amelia Albarracin stand in front of the Tesla coil exhibit. The coil is used to illustrate how electricity can be created and distributed wirelessly to produce a current.  Photo/Sarah Varney

Midland science fair stars $10K talking robot

On Jan. 14, Midland School students got the chance to practice tai chi with a humanoid robot named Nao as part of a daylong mobile science STEAM museum that was presented by Mobile Ed Productions Inc. and funded by the school’s PTO. At the end of the program, Nao led […]