Month: September 2012

On Sept. 21, Councilman Peter Jovanovich, whose wife publishes and writes for The Rye Record, delivers copies of the paper–first to Dockside Deli and other stores along Milton Road, and then Forest Avenue’s Rye Beach Pharmacy. Jovanovich is seen regularly distributing copies of the paper to numerous locations in the city. Contributed photos

Dems question Record’s political ties

The Republican ties to one of Rye’s two local newspapers have created an unfavorable climate for Democrats as they try to regain political relevance in the city, party officials say. Rye Democrats have fared poorly in the city’s last two elections and as a result, Republicans control the Rye City […]

Rye Golf Club

Golf club contract, spending scrutinized

As the rumor mill over at Rye Golf Club churns with questions of potential conflicts of interest and allegations of excessive overtime costs, one city councilman is com- plaining that he is intentionally being left in the dark. The Rye Sound Shore Review has learned that the golf club, which […]